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St Giulio's Isle lies in the centre of Lake Orta, a glacial lake in the Alpine foothills of north Italy. The lake is a thousand feet above sea-level, enclosed by mountains and high hills rich in chestnuts, birch and, thanks to its micro-climate, palms. Tiny medieval villages stud the banks and St Giulio’s Isle floats in front of the pretty little town of Orta. The island is known today for the great Benedectine monastery of enclosed nuns founded in 1973, for its concerts in Sala Tallone, and for being the seat of Poetry on the Lake, founded by Gabriel Griffin ( in 2000 here


St Giulio's Isle:
a guide to Isola San Giulio, its history, legends, art and curiosities.

€ 12,00 + p/p or pdf   € 7,99. 
120 pages fully illustrated in colour. 

Isola San Giulio
la guida

€ 12,00 + p/p or pdf   € 7,99. 

124 pagine, foto a colori

In two thousand years the isle has hosted emperors, queens and saints, has experienced tumult, seige and plague. This guide takes you along the Way of Silence into the heart of the island, bringing to life events and personalities, noting art and religion.

Included are the meditations along the Way of Silence
Una guida alla storia, le curiosità e i misteri dell’Isola San Giulio. Lungo la via del Silenzio la guida nota 2000 anni di eventi, personaggi e legende. L’isola ha ospitato santi e imperatori, regine e suore: Ottone il Grande, la regina Willa con tutto il tesoro del suo regno, Guglielmo di Volpiano, il noto abate, musicista, predicatore e riformatore di monasteri, e altri ancora. Un luogo di meditazione, d’ispirazione per artisti e poeti, un centro spirituale, l’isola è molte cose e questa guida vi porta alla scoperta

La storia del passato e del presente:
"Osservando l’isola si ha l’impressione di un luogo magico,
fiabesco e molto tranquillo, ma non è stato sempre così.
Ha ospitato imperatori, regine, artisti e santi, 
ha vissuto secoli di lotte, assedi devastanti, invasioni e pestilenze.
Questo è un luogo che ha avuto una parte non marginale nella storia italiano"

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The great Benedictine Monastery Mater Ecclesiae, is the largest monastery of enclosed Benedictine nuns in the world. The abbess is Anna Maria Cànopi, spiritual leader, author, poet and mystica.

The island is also the seat of 
Poetry on the Lake,
,organiser of events and the international festival described by the Poet Laureate Dame Carol Ann Duffy as "the most wonderful poetry festival in the world"

Here too is 
Sala Tallone, renowned for its concerts of classical music and the original pianoforte handmade by Tallone.

This antique island has a strange history. There are legends of dragons, stories of saints. It has inspired literary figures and artists, it is loved by mystics and magicians


La sparizione della gatta Beatrice ha turbato la serenita' dell'isola. Sappiamo chi e' stato a dare l'ordine di portare via Beatrice, me l'ha detto lui stesso, ma ora ha paura, nega, e' aggressivo, insulta  e mi minaccia.

Beatrice. A reward of 200 euro is offered for information.
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Poetry on the Lake (patron of honour Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy) has its seat on the island and organises annual events: an international poetry competition in spring and a three or four day celebration every autumn, as well as other events during the year. For Wyvern Works we publish anthologies, guides to Orta and the Island, and a Journal.

There is a year-round service of small motorboats. Contact
Consorzio Navigazione Servizio Pubblico Piazza Motta, 1 
28016 Orta San Giulio (NO)
Tel.: (+39) 333 6050288  Email: 

The island of St Giulio is only 400 metres from the little quay of the main square, Piazza Motta, Orta .        

On the island a monastery of enclosed Benedictine nuns has substituted the dark ages castle, a place of sieges and executions. Even earlier “there were dragons” but sixteen hundred years ago St Julius arrived from Greece, floated over to the island on his mantle, and cast out the dragons. His bones, finely robed, can be seen still in the crypt of the old basilica on the island and it is told that the thaumaturgic saint still performs miracles.   
All seems serene and spiritual, yet the island has its dark side ...                         
William of Volpiano
the great abbot, architect, musician, preacher and founder of monasteries, was born on the island during the seige of 962, that found Willa, the Italian Queen, on the island with all her kingdom’s treasure, attempting to resist the Emperor Otto the Great. She lost. What happened to the treasure is a mystery.

Now, to see the island veiled in mist and hear the clear ringing of bells summon the nuns to prayer from their cloistered gardens scented with wysteria and roses, the clamours and bloodshed are far away. Music floats over the waters from the Villa Tallone, gregorian chant from the basilica. Above Orta the antique woods of Sacro Monte with the little chapels scattered under the limes, the beeches and the camphor, remind us that here Nietzsche lost his heart to Lou Salomé.


Literary references to Orta are many: besides Thus Spake Zarathustra, dated von Orta an, the lake has inspired Robert Browning, George Meredith, Honoré de Balzac, Eugenio Montale and many others. For here is an enchanted world, and a myriad of stories are reflected in the shimmering waters.

(from Hortus Conclusus, ed.Gabriel Griffin, Wyvern Works 2005)


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